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About Us

Dr Mobiles is a One-Stop-shop For Providing You all Mobile & Computer Repair and Accessories Services

Dr Mobile is located on Smithdown Road in Liverpool area Established in business for the past 10 years, our mission to outstrip the competition remains unaltered. We continue to be focused on providing the best service, the keenest prices and the highest level of customer satisfaction. Our professional repair technicians are well-qualified specialists and particular areas of expertise cover a wide range of products
including, such as Iphone, Blackberries, Smart Phones, Laptops, PCs, Game Consoles iPods, and iPads. Repairs are normally carried out by Qualified and well Experienced staff having the detailed knowledge even in the most challenging and complex problems. Our extensive range of trade contacts here and abroad also provide us with the facility to purchase high-quality well-tested component parts at very low prices. As a result, and to the advantage of our clients, we offer the best possible prices for quality products and service in today’s keenly competitive market.